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Carlson encloses a donation for the new chapel and comments on it being designed by another architect. He asks Berry to remember the architect who has don so much work for the school, commenting that Coolidge & Carlson needs work badly.

Cook corresponds about rumors that funds are available from Henry Ford for new buildings at Berry's Girls' School.

Carlson encloses a letter from Batson-Cook regarding rumors of a new building at Berry funded by Henry Ford.

Martha Berry describes her hopes at keeping outside architecture the same on the new Girl's Dormitory.

Mr. Liebold lets Martha know that construction will proceed on the Girl's Dormitory, however, plans need to be changed prior to construction.

Letter describes how the building should be presented to the donors/mothers who gave and donated the furniture, the placement of pieces, the placement of a picture purchased by Mrs. Inman (Ideal Conception of American Motherhood) and instruction for a table to be under the picture to be made and presented by Berry students.

E. H. Hoge, the Comptroller of the Berry Schools, sends Mr. E. G. Liebold architect certificate #2516 and asks for a check for $21,826.12 to pay the Thompson-Starrett Company for part of the New Girls School buildings.


A letter from Martha Berry thanking Mr. Meachan for his donation of $100.00 to The Berry Schools.

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