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The writer is apologizing to Miss Gracier for the delay on her order of thread.

Miss Rockmart writes to Martha Berry to inform her that her fundraising plea did not come at a fruitful time, and that she can only send a small donation as her thin income is spread in many directions near Christmas.

Martha Berry apologizes for missing Mrs. McNally's call in New York and expresses the pleasure she found in meeting her.

This letter is from Ben Ames Williams to Miss Berry apologizing for not making it clear in his last letter that he would like his gift of $150 to be entered in the name of his mother.


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Miss Berry apologizes for missing Mrs. Flinn when she was at Berry even though she drove all around the campus looking for her. She also apologizes that her message that Mrs. Flinn should join them for lunch at the Girl's School was not understood by the office. Miss Berry says that she would love to have Mrs. Flinn and her friends visit more of the departments at the school.

Letter to Martha Berry apologizing for not being able to contribute

Martha Berry is apologizing to Mrs. Conklin because she is supposed to be a speaker at the schools. She is hoping she is able to find some else to take her place. She is also wishing has a wonderful time at her meeting.


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