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Letter to Mr. Saxon asking about antiques for sale and what the prices are.

Martha Berry tries to clear up a problem with Custom House Officials.

Mr. Leibowitz, or L. Leibowitz and Son Antiques and Mahogany Furniture is requesting Berry pay the remaining amount from her purchase.

M. A. Harrington informs Miss Berry that her check has been received and that measures have been put into place to complete her order.

A letter from Lans Interior Decorations and Antiques to Martha Berry. The letter is confirming that they received a letter from Mrs. Campbell about damage.

Miss Berry asks for a catalog of antiques Mr. Firman has for sale.

Wooten describes her father's condition, explaining that she believes he has stomach cancer and that the doctors expect him to die. Their only treatment is morphine at this point. Wooten further updates Berry on an antiques inquiry and shares that her father thinks the Berry Schools are "the greatest schools known."

Martha Berry asks for Miss Meyers to send the antiques directly to her, and she will personally cover the costs of shipping and postage.

In this letter Martha Berry asks Miss Gachet if she still has some antique furniture for sale.

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