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This is a letter to Miss Berry from the W.E. Browne Decorating Co. saying that they received her check for 500 dollars. They are also thanking her for the remittance.

Miss Berry sends a payment of $500 for the table she purchased and reiterated that the agreement was that she would pay for it as she could.

M. A. Harrington writes that the table and leaves are in good condition and he is satisfied with them. He is excited to see them in the room where they will go and hopes that Miss Berry will get the matching chairs.

M. A. Harrington from the W. E. Browne Decorating Co. writes to tell Miss Berry the prices of the dining table with eight chairs and asks for response at once.

Miss Pitts writes to inform Miss Berry that she knows of a beautiful set of antique furniture that she might be interested in purchasing for the Berry Schools. The bed was owned by Captain Reinhardt, the founder of Reinhardt College.

Miss Berry asks Mrs. Wright about the antique furniture and apologizes for not visiting sooner. She also tells Mrs. Wright to write "Personal" on her response letter so that she will give it immediate attention.

Martha Berry asks Miss Meyers to send her a list of the antique furniture with their prices so that she may personally buy a couple of pieces.

In this letter Martha Berry asks Miss Gachet if she still has some antique furniture for sale.

Miss Berry is curious as to whether or not Mr. Harley still has the antique furniture that he wanted her to see. If he still does have it, Miss Berry would like to find the time to see it.

In this letter Miss Berry requests a list of Mrs. Hardin's antique furniture and the prices.

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