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Martha Berry thanks Elizabeth Gerard for her hard work and generous contributions to the school, specifically the Emily V. Hammond Scholarship Fund.

This pamphlet promotes the Berry Schools by providing stories of the harsh backgrounds of some Berry students. The attached donation card has been returned with a $150 donation from Mrs. J. Noel Macy.

Eastman will provide Graflex photography equipment for the advertising department as requested.

Berry asks for photographic equipment for the advertising department and encourages Eastman to visit.

H. F. Cary of The Southern Railway System explains the amount of copies needed of each seasonal edition of The Southern Highlander.

Letter in regards to the printing of some booklets about the Berry Schools. Mr. Webb asks if Miss Bonner wishes to place an order for the booklets as well as the Highlanders or if the booklets are to be included in the Highlander. He also gives her an update on the health of Mr. Martin and hopes that she has fully recovered from her automobile accident.

Martha Berry asks Preston Arkright if his company can donate an electric range to her school and says it would give him free advertising. She also invites him and his wife to travel up from Atlanta for a visit.

Miss Berry regretfully informs Mrs. Murray that she cannot send any Berry products for sale even though it would be good advertising. Their work room is inadequate and they only have a limited supply of products. She hopes that she may be able to send some items in the future.

Letter to Martha Berry from The Christian Herald informing her that her letter was received and that they have written to the advertiser she referred to in her letter. They also inform her that if she doesn't hear from him within 10 to 15 days that they will be happy to contact him again.

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