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Dr. Proctor sends a $6 check from Miss Frances Wilson which he mistakenly omitted from his letter to Martha Berry. He also requests addresses for Miss Foster, Miss Warden, and Mr Greene.

A list of addresses is compiled of donors from both England and France.

A list is compiled of the addresses of donors from both England and France.

A list of addresses recorded from Miss Berry's trip to Europe. Some countries included are Germany, France, and Austria. The list also includes rich people Miss Berry met while abroad and a prayer from a manuscript found in Europe.

Miss Berry asks Mrs. Buck to send a Baltimore Telephone Directory to replace the inadequate addresses on their mailing list. She also discusses the amount of students attending Berry during the term.

Warden asks that Mr. H.B. Ireland and Mrs. Mabel Ireland be removed from the mailing list.

A list of New York Pilgrim Visitors, their room assignments on campus, and their home addresses.

A Letter to Mr. & Mrs. Charles G. Taylor from The Berry Schools concerning the Taylor's home addresses and whether they are correct or not. At the bottom of the letter, there is a note concerning a change in one of their addresses.

Martha Berry writes to Mrs. Wm Smith Shaw requesting a list of the Regents or Treasurers and their addresses so that she may revise the Berry Schools' list of addresses.
The reply, coming from Mrs. Shaw, says that the current Regents will go out of office soon and to write back after May 1st for an updated list.

Boyd's City Dispatch writes to thank Miss Berry for her order and payment for the list of names. The services of Boyd's City Dispatch are also listed in the letter if Miss Berry needs further assistance.

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