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David writes to Martha on behalf of his mother who is away with a check for 100 to answer Martha's appeal for aid.

A letter from Martha Berry asking her friend, Miss Angela Morgan, for her vote in the Good Housekeeping Magazine's, 'Twelve Greatest American Women' contest, as well as thanking her for the poem she wrote about Berry.

Mrs. Mather sends Martha Berry a $5.00 donation and lets her know that she will be going away for quite some time, so she is not sure if she will be able to help much.

Letter to Anna W. Hollenback from Martha Berry thanking her for her gift at their most dire time of need at the Berry Schools. She informs Miss Hollenback that she was abroad this summer, not at Nauheim but at Carlsbad, where she took the cure but that once she returned to the schools the stress of the situation has made her quite ill again. She blames the drought as well as the depression for the greater needs of the schools as well as the difficulty to raise any money in the economic situation.

Anna W. Hollenback sends Martha Berry a donation of $100 and inquires as to how Martha Berry is doing. She also mentions the long drought and the potential effects it may have had on the School's crops.

Letter to Chas. W. Halsey from The Berry Schools informing her that her letter was received by the schools in Miss Berry's absence from the schools. Mrs. Halsey is informed that Miss Berry will be away for the remainder of the summer and that due to the specificity of her questions that Miss Berry is the only person who could answer her question. However, they tell Mrs. Halsey that her question will be brought to Miss Berry's attention when she returns.

Anna Holladay lets Martha Berry know that she will give Mrs. Crane the letter when she returns to the country.

A telegram from G. Lister Carlisle Jr. that brings news of Edgar Seeler's (Carlisle's brother in law) death. The Berry Schools respond with the news that Martha Berry is abroad and extend their sympathies.

The Berry Schools returns a check of $278.00 to the Raymond & Whitcomb Co., which they had been holding due to the fact that Martha was still abroad.

The letter is asking for $150 donations so more young people can go to Berry. A $150 gift is recorded in the corner. Miss Valentine's note says that she has been abroad, but takes pleasure in renewing a previous donation. She says that she received Martha Berry's box of cotton blossoms. She wishes MB luck in her work.

Anna Bogan, secretary to Mrs. Elmhirst, has written Miss Berry a letter to inform her that Mrs. Elmhirst is still abroad and Miss Bogan herself will soon be joining her in England. She expresses her sympathy regarding the dormitory fire and explains that Mrs. Elmhirst will not be able to contribute at this time but perhaps will later in the year.

In this letter Martha Berry thanks Mr. Doyle for buying some of the articles he girls had made. She also says that she is going to send him literature about the schools to read and also to take abroad. At the very end she says that she looks forward to receiving his magazines.

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