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Telegram from Aarren J Gurney informing Martha Berry that it is too early in the season for a display.

McWane says he will see Mister Towers on Friday and will leave for New York on Saturday.

Harllee Branch asks Miss Berry to send the photographs of the Berry Schools and grounds to be used in the Atlanta Journal in connection with the motorcade to Rome on December 10th.

Mr. Peabody congratulates Miss Berry on being awarded the Pictorial Review.

Mr. Holt offers his congratulations to Miss Berry, as he heard through the Greensboro and Charlotte papers.

Mrs. Pennybacker asks for Miss Berry to please wire Mrs. Hammond's arrival and the duration of her visit.

Martha Berry telegrams to express her pleasure at receiving Genevieve Parkhurst at the Berry Schools after her departure on Wednesday. She says that is important from Genevieve Parkhurst to see for herself the work that is being done at the schools.

Genevieve Parkhurst telegrams to say that she cannot leave before Wednesday. She suggests that if Martha Berry will not be at the Berry Schools during her visit, then she should send pictures of herself and material on the schools immediately. She suggests it might be more convenient for Miss Berry to come to her.

Mrs. David Milton sends a night letter (telegram) to Martha Berry in order to clear her arrival the following day at 7pm so that she may spend a day at the school, upon Martha Berry's prior request.

J. R. McWane telegraphs to say he will arrive in Rome at 4:30 that afternoon via Southern Railway.

Lucille La Verne writes to ask Miss Berry if she can give a performance of Sun Up in her honor and asks Miss Berry to be her guest at a luncheon and Lucille La Verne theater on November 20th.


The Hoehlers send that they wish they could have been there for the anniversary celebration, but were held up by rain.

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