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In this letter Martha Berry tells Mildred that she ran into Virginia Campbell in Atlanta and that she says the Westbury Hotel is a nice place to stay for one hundred and fifty dollars a night.

A letter expressing how much Martha is looking forward to Mrs. Carlisle's visit to Berry.

Berry is anxious to hear from Campbell and asks her to telephone Mrs. Hammond to learn about the dinner. Berry wants to go to New York before the dinner to get a dress and hat, and wants Campbell to join her at the St. Regis Hotel.

Berry describes her own Christmas as well as the joy that Ladd's candy brought to the students, and thanks Ladd for all that she has done for the school. She wonders if Ladd can persuade Dr. Kast to visit Berry with Emily V. Hammond.

Martha Berry discusses her preference that her boys and girls not finish their training at Rollins College. She also tells about her Christmas season.

Laura Campbell sends her birthday greetings and informs Martha Berry that Virginia will arrive at 8 pm.

This is a set of two telegrams. The first is from Virginia Campbell to Martha Berry, informing Miss Berry of her arrival in Whitesulphur, VA and asking if she would like to join her in going to New York. The second is Martha's reply, in which she states that she cannot go to New York because she is tired from weddings and plans to go on vacation for a few days.


Miss Berry informs the club that she will be arriving Friday afternoon and her neice Virginia Campbell will be coming Sunday as her guest. She asks that a room be reserved for Miss Campbell.

Hammond, writing from the school during a visit of the Pilgrims, stresses the power of prayer and encourages Berry to stand by her own motto, "prayer changes things." God still has work for Berry to do and will give Berry the strength to do it. Hammond writes that Berry should claim health as her birthright so that when Hammond visits in April 1942 she will find Berry full of vigor. Hammond writes that her heart is overflowing with gratitude for the visit and the inspiration of looking into Berry's face.

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