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Martha Berry would like Mr. Davis to deliver the commencement address.

In this letter Martha Berry thanks Professor Mimms for making her a life member of the Chatauqua Women's Club.

Martha Berry invites Dr. Sims to come and speak at Berry during his trip to Atlanta.

Schieffelin writes in thanks for a wonderful visit to Berry and reports on her trip to Vanderbilt University with Emily Vanderbilt Hammond, where Hammond spoke about the schools and recited poetry. A handwritten note adds thanks for Berry's letter about the endowed day for Schieffelin's daughter.

Mims, chair of the Vanderbilt University Department of English, writes enthusiastically of his visit to Berry and the work of the school, saying that he has spoken of his visit to several classes and hopes very much to return. He does not have a manuscript of the address he gave at Berry and will not have time to create one.

In this letter Martha Berry is asking Mr. Mims to come speake to the Boy's Scholl.

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