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Miss Berry writes about the recent drought that affected the crops at the schools and asks Mr. Macy for any donations that he could offer.

Berry asks that J. Noel Macy and Valentine Macy fly down to visit Berry and reminisces about visits with their parents.

H. F. Lippold writes to Martha with a check of $1,250 from Mr. V. Everit Macy for Endowed Day.

A letter to Martha Berry from Valentine E. Macy Jr. wishing Berry a happy New Year and to thank her for gifts she had received from Berry.

Martha Berry writes in thanks for a gift from Edith Carpenter Macy endowing the birthday of Kate Macy Ladd. Berry expresses her hope that Edith Macy will grow up to be a good friend to Berry.

Berry thanks Ochs for sending endowment money, commenting that the more people that can be interested in the school, the better. She hopes that V. Everitt and Valentine Macy will contribute to the endowment.

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