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Hope regrets that her illness prevented her from travelling to Berry. On the subject of a memorial for Everit Macy, she feels that it is something for his children to do, and if not them, she is sure that his sister Kate Macy Ladd will. She is willing to speak to Ladd, but has not been invited to visit. Hope advises Berry that Henry Sloane has complained that his gifts to Berry have gone unacknowledged.

If Hope is still in Alabama, Berry wishes she could visit before she returns to New York. Berry is interested in the possibility of Kate Macy Ladd giving a building in honor of her brother Everit Macy, and asks for Hope's advice.

Martha Berry is upset to hear that Mrs. Hope is not doing well, but hopes that she will come to visit while in the South.

W.E. Carson expresses pleasure at the news of V. Everit Macy's bequest to Berry. A handwritten annotation on the letter indicates that Carson was a porter who brought the Pilgrims to Berry on a number of occasions.

Martha Berry praises Mrs. Hammond for her work with the Pilgrimages. She expresses some surprise that Mrs. Landenberg will be on the visit since she is "so purely society". She also sends her sympathies about the death of Mr. Macy and hopes Mrs. Ladd will donate a building in his memory. She says the boys really need a science and agriculture building, especially now that the girls have such a wonderful facility provided by Mr. Ford.

Enclosed with the letter is a contribution from Mr. V. Everit Macy for his half of a day endowed with Mr. and Mrs. Walter G. Ladd.

Thank you letter from the Berry Schools to Everit Macy. The schools are thanking him and his father for their $2500.00 donation to the school, in a time where the money is greatly needed.

Letter stating that John D. Rockefeller, Jr. declines to give to Berry College because of the work he already does through the General Education Board, although many friends have brought Martha Berry's work to his attention. Rockefeller encloses a confidential memorandum from the General Education Board so that she may more completely understand their point of view for declining to contribute to Berry.

Berry thanks Ochs for sending endowment money, commenting that the more people that can be interested in the school, the better. She hopes that V. Everitt and Valentine Macy will contribute to the endowment.

In this letter V.E. Macy tells Martha Berry that they have enclosed one thousand two hundred and fifty dollars for half of the Endowed Day. Macy also asks that the day be in their mother's name. Finally Macy thanks Martha Berry for the cake.

Thank you letter for donation on the Eagan Plan. Martha reminds reader of being encouraged by her best and first friends. Mentions boys dorm fire causing boys to live in tents til new quarters are built.

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