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Berry writes that it was a pleasure to Phelps meet at the Tagore dinner, she hopes that he will come by Berry on his way to Tuskegee in the spring perhaps.

Berry inform Hammond that she met Ansel Phelps at a dinner given for Rabindranath Tagore. She says that during their conversation, he informed Miss Berry that he was going to Tuskegee that April and she asked him to stop in Atlanta and see Berry. She states that it would be easy for members of the Tuskegee party to come and see the schools. She asks Mrs. Hammond to write and invite him to the next Pilgrim Party.

Peabody encloses a letter to James Hardy Dillard that details travel plans for Martha Parrott, who planned to start a girl's school in Salonica, Greece. In addition to spending time with Dillard, Peabody wishes for Parrott to visit the Berry Schools, along with visits to the Rabun Gap-Nacooche School, Tuskeegee Institute, Fort Valley (possibly Fort Valley High and Industrial School, then affiliated with the American Church Institute for Negroes of the Protestant Episcopal Church), and "Bruce Payne at Nashville" (Payne was then President of the George Peabody College for Teachers). In the letter to Dillard, Peabody also advises about his plans to visit Hampton Normal and Agricultural Institute at Founders Day.

Berry again thanks Orr for bringing Judge Cozart to campus and reminds him to bring Mr. Penny. A pamphlet he shared with her prompts her to ask him to write an article on wills for the Southern Highlander as a way to encourage supporters to remember Berry in their wills more generously, as they do for Tuskegee and Hampton Institute.

Berry discusses the school's financial accounting, comparing it to other institutions and sharing her distress at letters Hammond had shared that seem to have asserted that Berry expenses were extravagant.

Letter to Martha Berry from William H. Carter informing her that her request for a financial report of the Tuskegee Normal and Industrial Institute had been referred to Mr. Thomas Jesse Jones. They inform Miss Berry that the last report is on the press and that as soon as it is released that one will be sent to her.

Jones writes of the "joy and inspiration" he experienced during a visit to the Berry Schools. At Martha Berry's request he will request that the treasurers of Tuskegee and Hampton Institutes send copies of their financial reports and suggests that she forward copies of Berry's financial report to him.

Robert B. Cridland writes to inquire about making arrangements to visit Berry.

Jones provides details of his planned visit to the Berry Schools, following a visit to the McClain cotton mill and village near Cartersville, Georgia. Written on the stationery of the Tuskegee Institute's Dorothy Hall.

Martha Berry writes to Dr. Jones that the school enjoyed his visit and that the students are still talking about his speech at the chapel. She says Mr. Green is thinking of having it published so the students can have a copy of it. She also asks if she could get copies of the Hampton and Tuskegee financial reports so the school can see how it is done by other schools.

Washington writes to Berry to thank her for the contribution of five dollars and wishes that her school too would have a successful financial year. He also expresses that he was glad to have Berry teachers visiting his school and hopes they will visit again.

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