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Mr. Sisson requests a glossy print picture of Miss Berry for publicity purposes.

Miss Berry sends Mr. Sisson the glossy print photograph he requested.

Mr. Sisson writes to inform Miss Berry that she has been nominated for the Roll of Honor of the Town Hall Club and asks permission to include her name. He also invites her to the public announcement of the Roll of Honor in New York City.

Miss Berry thanks Mr. Sisson for the recognition to the Roll of Honor and says she would be glad to be a part of it. She is unsure whether or not she will be able to be present but if she is in the city she will be glad to accept the invitation.

Berry approves a letter Hammond has written to Lucille La Verne. Berry has written to Mr. Ely about speaking to the Town Hall Club and confirms a date for speaking at the Three Arts Club. She asks Hammond where a quilt she sent to be matched for pillow shams came from, as she likes to compare the work and prices of Berry products with those from other schools.


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