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Mrs. Hammond sent Martha Berry a check for $15 from a woman named Mrs. William Hillen who just moved to Tokyo and another check for $2 from a different woman, Miss Katharine Grable.

Emily Hammond writes to Martha Berry thanking her for her letter and box of daffodils. She promises to send the names of the Berry Pilgrims and encloses a check for the Berry articles she bought and a copy of Affirmations.


This letter encloses one of the individual Silver Rolls referenced in Mrs. Hammond's 1926 letter about the Silver Roll she brought on her first pilgrimage to Berry in 1924. The writer notes that "Marguerite" is sending a letter to accompany the Silver Roll later in the week.

Hazzard reports on a dinner party at New York's Three Arts Club where she and Annie Laurie Crain told the residents and "old members" about their visit to the Berry Schools. On Three Arts Club stationery.

Hazzard sends a $10 donation to the Berry Schools.

Katharine Lee Grable says that by making a purchase from her Emily Vanderbilt Hammond has made it possible for her to send a $100 contribution. Having lost everything except her job, however, she will not be able to carry on as a "good 'Pilgrim'". A talk about Berry by Monica Henderson and Lucy Field at the Three Arts Club was enthusiastically received.

Orr compliments Bartholomew's paper on the Berry Schools. He encloses a prize-wining student essay on speeches given at Berry by his friend Judge Abe Cozart.

Berry approves a letter Hammond has written to Lucille La Verne. Berry has written to Mr. Ely about speaking to the Town Hall Club and confirms a date for speaking at the Three Arts Club. She asks Hammond where a quilt she sent to be matched for pillow shams came from, as she likes to compare the work and prices of Berry products with those from other schools.


Bartholomew, one of the 1928 Pilgrims, asks for prices for white Angora wool scarves and wishes to have one sent to her mother in Atlanta.

Bartholomew is being sent booklets giving the story of the schools and a photograph she can use in her magazine. The letter includes a list of people for Bartholomew to invite to the upcoming dinner.

Bartholomew is planning a special issue of the Three Arts Club magazine, The Foreward, that focuses on the Berry Schools. She asks permission to use a condensed version of "The Sunday Lady" and requests a photograph of Mrs. Robinson driving an ox cart. She suggests that since her acquaintances are not wealthy, and thus among those the Pilgrims are expected to invite to the upcoming dinner, she might be given a list of Atlantans to invite.

Bartholomew acknowledges Berry's note about the Three Arts Club scholarship. She expresses appreciation for her recent visit as a Pilgrim, although she was surprised to find that Berry was not able to sing the school songs. She requests copies of several publications to send to friends and commits to accomplishing "something worthwhile" for Berry within the year.

Bartholomew, Three Arts Club Auxiliary President, encloses a scholarship donation.

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