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A letter from Martha Berry to contractors Messrs. Batson & Cook instructing them to use the National City Bank since the other contractors, Thompson-Starrett Company used the First National Bank as their depository. The Berry Schools do business with both banks.

Henry Ford's secretary writes the Berry Schools to inform of a donation made to the schools for a new water supply and for the girls school recitation hall.

Harry J. Carlson encloses a copy of a letter from John E. Bierwirth, Thompson Starrett Company vice president, commenting that Coolidge and Carlson are in the process of arranging a significant contract to work with Thompson Starrett. Carlson asks Berry to report on her visit to Detroit.

A copy of a letter sent to Berry by Coolidge and Carlson, Architects. John E. Bierwirth, Thompson Starrett Company vice president, writes to architect Harry J. Carlson that Thompson Starrett understood that their contract with the Berry Schools would not prove financially profitable, but that they are happy to have worked on the project with Coolidge and Carlson and with Martha Berry. Bierwirth adds that he hopes to be able to work with Coolidge and Carlson in the future.

Coolidge and Carlson is surprised to have heard from E.H. Hoge that he did not have records for approved extras as copies had been sent. The letter summarizes the charges and offers to have Thompson Starrett re-send copies if Hoge cannot find his. Hoge is also asked to consult with Mr. Skinner about window shade holders.

Statement of Work on Girls School Recitation and Recreation Halls and other work by Thompson-Starrett Company

The firm writes to Mr. Hoge about the accounts of the work done by Thompson Starrett.

E. H. Hoge, Comptroller of the Berry Schools, encloses statement of the cost of the new girls' recitation hall which shows the amount paid to the general contractors, Thompson-Starrett Company , with explanation of other charges that were or were not included. He included a request for a check for the amount.


Mr. Hoge writes to Mr. Liebold about invoices that Berry has received from several companies involved in construction at Berry. Mr. Hoge trusts that there will be no problem with Mr. Liebold forwarding a check for the amounts listed in the letter.


Letter encloses a certificate for $83,708.55 and asks that a check for that amount be written to Thompson-Starrett Co. for work performed on the new Girls' School buildings.


Architect Harry J. Carlson encloses a blank contract form and an account of charges to date and advises Hoge to send the bill and a contract form "to Detroit". Carlson also responds to concerns Hoge had evidently expressed about the heating plant and charges related to the project.

Coolidge and Carlson asks the Thompson Starrett Company to comply with the wish of the Berry Schools to be billed directly.

Coolidge and Carlson advises that they are sending the Thompson Starrett Company's latest set of paid vouchers for the classroom building.

Coolidge and Carlson send copies of Thompson Starrett's payment requisitions and certificates of payment.

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