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This article from the New York Evening Post praises Martha Berry for the fine work she is doing.

Miss Berry responds to Miss Hoyt's request for a glossy print of Colonel Roosevelt.

Martha Berry writes that she does not want her guests to tip the boys & girls because she would like them to treat the guests as if they were in their home. Martha Berry thanks Mrs. Robinson for her letter and her gift, and encourages her to endow a day in honor of Col. Roosevelt. She also tells a funny story about a little boy's history lesson.

Mr. Holt suggests to Miss Berry that she should sign the contract with Holly Hill Grove & Fruit Co. of Davenport, Florida for 1929. He also mentions the wonderful publicity Miss Berry would receive from the Pictorial Review, as well as the flu he and his wife managed to escape. He discusses, moreover, the terrible state of his business, but he feels as if the year was his happiest and his healthiest. He continues with his memories of Teddy Roosevelt and the election of 1912, where he hopes that the "art of forgetting" will come in handy. He also sends Miss Berry a dozen copies of Rev. Shoemaker's The Religion that Counts since he is worried that the Church is moving more towards Rome as it did in England.

Hoyt responds to a request to provide details about the photograph needed at the Roosevelt House Library & Museum.

Hoyt, from the Roosevelt House Library & Museum, had requested a copy of the photograph of Theodore Roosevelt that appeared in the March 1919 Highlander. Berry asks for clarification so that the correct photograph can be sent.

Letter requesting a copy of a picture of Colonel Roosevelt that appeared in "Southern Highlander" for the Roosevelt House Library and Museum. Appears to be a second request.

President Roosevelt visits Louise Hall and female students at the Berry Schools.


The 26th President of the United States and Martha Berry at the Berry School.


Photograph of Theodore Roosevelt and Martha Berry during a visit to the Berry School.


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