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Acknowledging receipt of Mr. Poe's telegram regarding commencement.

Mr. Green is forwarding material concerning the Berry Schools to Mr. Poe. Mr. Green indicates that approximately 6,000 students have attended Berry during the last 25 years. Mr. Green suggested that an address showing opportunities of country life would be timely.

Clarence Poe requests additional information regarding his upcoming commencement address.

The Berry Schools write to thank Mr. Poe for his acceptance of the position of Commencement speaker as well as to explain the train schedule.

Letter to the Editor of the Progressive Farmer from The Berry Schools saying that they are pleased with the articles that were included in their paper. They ask the editor to send the schools at least one dozen copies of the issue of the paper that included the story about The Berry Schools. They also ask that they inform them of the cost so that Berry can send them a check for their mailing expenses.

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