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Claire Merlehan read about the Berry School in the Mentor and asked Martha Berry if the Berry School would be in need of a teacher with her qualifications.

Letter states that there are no jobs now, but will consider you when one becomes available.

In this letter three students at Harris Teachers College ask Martha Berry if they could teach at her school after they graduate. They mention that they heard about the Miss Berry and her work from Lucille La Verne who spoke at their college.

Mabel R. Winter writes in regard to a possible position at the Berry Schools. She adds that she is interested in the work of the schools and she has previous experience in teaching.

Miss Berry writes to inform Mrs. Webster that there are no vacant teaching positions. However, she is more than happy to add her information to Berry's records in case the needs arrives for a teaching position.

A letter to Katherine T. Heath from Martha Berry concerning her interest in a teaching job at the Berry Schools.

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