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This letter was written, with a donation enclosed, to Ms. Berry to inform of ongoing fundraising efforts for the Berry Schools.

A letter written by Mrs. Hitchcock where she asks Martha if they may have a few pictures so they may think that the neighborhood children that she teaches may believe that they are helping. Mrs. Hitchcock informs Martha that they will donate money in June and that they may be able to help with clothing for a little girl, she also informs Miss Berry that the name of the club shall be P I T, or Put It Through.

Martha Berry writes to Geo. Carlisle to thank him for lending Mr. Byers to the Berry Schools. She mentions that Mr. Meacham and Mr. Alston will be arriving on campus soon and talks about Inez Wooten Henry's wedding.

Meacham advises Berry of his and Mr. Hoehler's travel plans for Commencement.

Martha writes to Mr. Meacham delighted at the prospect of having him at Commencement, and encloses a general program of the exercises.

Martha Berry writes to Standish telling him that there was a wonderful dinner given by Mrs. Hammond with a thousand people. Someone enthusiastically suggested that everyone endow a day, which was then reported in the newspaper. Miss Berry notes that the newspaper seems to think there was a greater amount raised than there actually was. She explains that although people think they have raised a lot of money, they had actually raised less money than ever before. She also inquires as to when Mr. Meacham is going to visit again as it has been such a long time since he has visited.

Fred K. Hoehler writes to inform that he will be unable to attend the Commencement Exercises but that Standish Meacham will be coming.

Letter to Standish Meacham thanking him for sending her a list of names. She informs him that she will see what can be done with the names. She also asks him to come to commencement as well as the trustees meeting because the school needs new trustees because all of the other who took an active interest in the schools have passed away. She asks him to come and spend a few days with them as well.

Martha writes to Standish to thank him for his gift for the Silver Anniversary and to say that he was missed at the Trustees Meeting.

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