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Miss Flanders writes to correct the mailing list that The Berry Schools has due to the death of Mr. George King and to inform them that the Woman's Auxiliary is not located at the address they had listed.

In this letter Martha Berry is thanking Miss Filomena Ricciardi for the donation of twenty-five dollars. Martha Berry also invites Miss Filomena Ricciaardi to come stay at the guest house at Berry.

A letter containing $10 for Miss Berry from Dr. Stephen E. Smith for an advertisement in the "Golden Book."

Letter from Martha Berry to Robert Norwood offering thanks for his $100. She also thanks Mr. Norwood for letting her speak at St. Bartholomew.

This document shows cheques and cash that was received at St. Bartholomew's church. 5 cheques were received and the other was cash. Note that this is an annual pledged made from the "Lawrence Family.

Hammond asks Berry for information for the press on her talk at St. Bartholomew's.

Hammond encloses a check for $1,500 and advises that Berry mention this and another contribution of $2,500 when she speaks to the Pilgrims at Hammond's home on Nov. 17. Hammond asks Berry what she would think of sharing radio time with Katherine Tift Jones if the National Broadcasting Company cannot broadcast her speech on the planned date. Hammond has engaged a publicist for the St. Bartholomew's Church speech and hopes Berry will give a personal interview.

Martha Berry explains to Mrs. Hammond that the Southern Highlander will be ready to send out by November 10th and sends information for advertising the meeting at St. Bartholomew.

Berry feels that her health is improved after a rest cure at Carlsbad, and very much wants to speak at St. Bartholomew. She will be glad to give a radio speech at any time convenient to Hammond. Inez has been ill and away from work for three months, so Berry will need to find a girl who can accompany her to New York. She hopes that Kate Macy Ladd will donate an industrial building in memory of V. Everit Macy.

Hammond sends articles from the Pilgrims in case they can be used in the Highlander. Hammond spoke about Berry recently, which led to an invitation for Berry to speak in the fall. Arrangements for Berry to speak at St. Bartholomew are in progress.

Robert Norwood sends Martha Berry $100 donation for the Berry Schools.

F. Ricciardi writes to Martha Berry to inform her that Dr. and Mrs. Norwood are traveling to the Holy Land. She also apologizes for careless proofreading that resulted in typographical errors in Norwood's sermon.

Robert Norwood writes Martha Berry to tell her than his visit to Berry inspired his recent sermon. He also hopes to writes an article, "A Saint in the Cabin" for Mrs. Hammond to publish in her booklet.

Martha Berry writes to Dr. Norwood thanking him for his speech that he gave at the Berry Schools. She tells him that his words will stay with them for years.

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