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Mrs. Synnott remembers Miss Berry's visits to her school fondly, she admires Martha Berry's work, and she sends $150 for any boy or girl that needs school.

Martha Berry sends a letter of thanks to Miss Miller for the donation she sent to Berry.

Helen Miller, headmistress of the Spence School, sends her thanks to Inez Wooten for speaking at her school. The Spence School's Philanthropic Committee sends a donation of $25 to help with the work of the Berry Schools.

Martha Berry expresses her delight that Inez Wooten will speak to the students at the Spence School.

This particular letter is in response to Miss Berry who was inquiring whether Miss Inez Wooten could speak at an assembly held by The Spence School. The recipient responded saying that they would be "delighted" to have Miss Wooten visit The Spence School and speak during the assembly.

Martha Berry writes to get the dates for Inez Wooten's speaking trip to Connecticut and New York, with engagements set to talk at the Spence School and to the Pilgrims. Berry asks that Hammond make arrangements for any other engagements that she can. Berry mentions that an upcoming issue of the Southern Highlander will include a photograph of the 1929 Pilgrims.

Martha Berry writes to Miss Edgar thanking her for the gift of her own earnings. Miss Berry says that she has a warm spot in her heart for everyone associated with the Spence School. She also talks about how pleasant their Christmas was and expresses her hope that the New Year is full of blessings for Miss Edgar.

Katharine Lenhart writes on behalf of Mr. and Mrs. James Bonnyman to ask Miss Berry for information about the Spence School for their daughter.

Letter to Helen Miller from Martha Berry asking her if Inez Wooten could speak at her school, The Spence School.

Martha writes to Lena to let her know that she should be able to speak at the Women's Club meeting later, and asks if she is unable to come if there is someone in her place she could send.

Hamrick has met with Mr. Skinner about the Spence School fundraising plan, and provides some comparable information for Pilgrim Hall fundraising.

Berry asks Hamrick to go over a fundraising plan she has from the Spence School with Mr. Skinner, in order to make a similar one to use in fundraising for Pilgrim Hall.

Martha writes to Miss. Baker to thank her for the gift and lets her know that the money goes into the endowment. Martha also hopes that she will visit Berry with friends from Spence School.


Miss Wright is wished well and encouraged to do her best and leave a good record.

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