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Berry reports on the weather and recent visitors, including the Fords and Mr. and Mrs. Carlisle. She asks if Neal anticipates coming south any time soon.

Martha Berry tells Mrs. Hammond that Inez will be unable to go to Chautauqua that summer because she is needed at Berry; Miss Berry will pick another girl to use the scholarship. Martha Berry writes about a recent visit by the Fords, Sir Wilfred, and Lady Grenfell. Sir Wilfred says that he feels like he's in school because he's learned so much. Berry also talks about how she is looking forward to the arrival of the Pilgrims.

Letter thanks Miss Berry for her hospitality during a recent trip to Berry.

Martha Berry thanks Mr. McHarg for his support and discusses having luncheon with him on her next visit to New York. Berry appeals to Mr. McHarg for further support to help make ends meet and encourages him to take "a real interest in Berry," mentioning Mr. Coolidge presenting her with the Roosevelt Medal and that Dr. Grenfell visited the Schools and "said this was the only work he had ever really envied."

Fanny Duren comments on some literature from Berry, as well as leaflets sent out by Dr. Grenfell's Labarador Mission. Berry's Allen Langston will spend the Thanksgiving holidays at her home, and she invites Miss Berry to her home if she ever is able to pack her bag and visit the Midwest.

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