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Martha Berry thanks Dr. Sheldon from the gifts to Berry and expresses hopes that the school may continue to serve the boys and girls.

Thank you letter for $50 donation to Silver Anniversary Scholarship Fund.

Miss M. Hanna has received one of Martha Berry's blanket letters announcing the Schools' recent celebration of its twenty-fifth anniversary and pleading for donations to allow more students to be accepted into The Berry Schools.
Miss M. Hanna, for the estate of Hy. Hanna, sends a donation of $50 in response.

On the back of an old appeal letter Martha Berry thanks Mrs. Ireland for her gift and reminds her that on April 30th it will be the 25th anniversary with the schools.

In this letter Martha Berry thanks Miss Bliss from for her contribution to the Silver Anniversary Fund.

Martha writes to Mrs. Boardman about being anxious to close out school free of debt and discusses the silver anniversary with her as well.

Martha Berry thanks a Mr. S. Guthman for his promised contribution of $20.00 to the silver anniversary fund and hints that he should send this money now, but that anytime would be all right.

In this letter Martha Berry thanks Mrs. Kelsey for her donation to the Silver Wedding Anniversary of the Berry Schools. She also says that she wishes Mrs. Kelsey could be there to celebrate on the 30th of April.

Martha Berry writes Anna M. King to thank her for her check and for the package of clothing she sent as a donation on the Berry Schools' 25th Anniversary.

Miss Berry sends a contribution request letter to help fund a student scholarship.

Martha Berry writes about the just completed 25th anniversary celebration and praises the former students that attended. She notes the need for immediate support because of the lack of funds to keep the current students in school or to attend to the hundreds on the waiting list. She has walked on her "plank of faith" and needs funds to meet her promises and obligations

Berry writes to inquire about a check sent by Worcester and to thank her for her help and interest in Berry. She shares that the Silver Anniversary will be celebrated this year and hopes that every friend of Berry's will be present on that day.

Thank you letter for a gift of $1,000. Miss Berry also discusses her "silver wedding with the Berry Schools" and invites Miss White to visit the schools.

This document is detailing Miss Lillian Willock donating 100.00 to the Berry Schools for the Silver Anniversary.

A letter to Martha Berry from Laura M. White about a donation for the Silver anniversary of the Berry Schools. White goes on to talk about her recent misfortunes and how God has helped her make it through these hard times. She also expresses her wishes to visit the Berry Schools.

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