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Martha Berry asks New York Governor Franklin D. Roosevelt to visit Berry the next time he comes south to visit Warm Springs, reminding him that he promised to visit "when the roads were better."

This letter from Theodore Roosevelt is a response to Martha Berry pertaining to her Christian industrial school for boys. The letterhead indicates that Roosevelt was still in the office of President at the White House in Washington D.C. when it was composed. William Taft is mentioned at the end of the letter, likely because he had been elected president with the overwhelming support from Roosevelt. Roosevelt mentions visiting Berry's school upon return from Africa, to which he embarked in March of 1909 when his presidential term ended.


A certificate of appreciation awarded to Miss Martha Berry from the Roosevelt Memorial Association regarding two Roosevelt pictures she presented them with. Signed by R.W.G. Vail.

Miss Berry responds to Miss Hoyt's request for a glossy print of Colonel Roosevelt.

Letter to Pennsylvania Governor Clifford Pinchot reminding him that their last meeting was in Washington, DC when President Coolidge presented them each with a Roosevelt Medal. Berry writes to ask if he will write a recommendation to the Pictorial Review Award Committee, stating that his endorsement will "mean a great deal" and that she is "anxious to win the award this year."

Martha Berry invites Franklin D. Roosevelt to visit the Berry Schools. She reminds him that Colonel Theodore Roosevelt also visited, and the Roosevelt name has always meant friendship for the schools.


S.E. Lowrie thanks Martha Berry for the Silver Anniversary calendar she has sent and encloses $5 to be sent as many calendars as that will buy. Lowrie suggests that souvenir spoons with the picture of Roosevelt and other prominent visitors would be popular.

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