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Martha Berry wishes to thank Mr. Small for writing an article in the Atlanta Constitution about Mr. Ford's gift to The Berry Schools. Mr. Ford has gifted some buildings for the Girls School but the buildings are not endowed, so the school is still in need of money. Miss Berry also mentions that the school has been given the wrong kind of publicity before from the Rome paper and that she is very grateful for his article as it entered into the spirit of the situation in a wonderful way.

Martha writes to Mr. Pentecost about an article in the Rome paper and points out the issues with the statements in the paper, that Ford did not give five million to the school, or help with the purchase of her home place from her sisters. She notes that this is a great deal of harm to the school and implores Mr. Pentecost to Mr. Money of the paper for an apology from the paper as they seem to be writing out of spite.

This lists the names of the two owners of the Rome paper.

Letter from Martha Berry to her youngest sister and wife of Blue Diamond Coal Company president Alexander Bonnyman, Sr., Frances Berry Bonnyman. Berry reports that she is ill and asks Bonnyman to stop in Mount Berry on her way to New York. She informs Bonnyman that Bonnyman's sister-in-law, Mrs. James Bonnyman, would be welcome to stay with Isabel and Tom.

Berry reports that the Rome newspaper has published untrue reports about the donations of Clara and Henry Ford, benefactors of the college. Henry Ford refuses to refute the newspaper's claims, and the college is receiving unwanted negative attention because of the contents of the article(s).


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