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A letter from Martha Berry reminding Grady Hamrick to not let the boys go into town under any circumstances.

Martha Berry instructs Dr. Green to now allow any of the students into town for any reason.


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Martha Berry finds out that a girl from Atlanta might have been admitted. It was Berry's policy at the time not to admit students from Rome or cities larger than Rome, especially those that could pay their own way to Berry.

A letter to R.R. Faherty from Martha Berry ordering an ad in his paper to advertise a home for rent in Rome, Ga.

This is letter from Mr. Elliott, with the Southern Appraisal Company, to Miss Martha Berry letting her know that would like to set up a 5 minute appointment in Rome.

This is a letter to Mr. Elliott from Martha Berry letting him know the dates she will be available in Rome to see him.

A letter to Miss Martha Berry notifying an expectation of possession of a house currently occupied.

Mrs. Marshall encloses her rent check which Mr. Keown asked her to mail. Mrs. Marshall also tells Martha Berry that she doesn't need the furnace fixed anymore, but the drive to the house is still in need of repair.

Tracy W. Byers telegrams Martha Berry to inform her that she will be arriving in Rome on a Wednesday night.

Martha Berry writes to Mr. and Mrs. B. N. Weitman to express sympathy for the death of their son. She assures the Weitman that the doctors in Rome did everything possible to save him, but that his infection was too serious.

Part of a handwritten letter to Martha Berry pertaining to a small donation given to the Martha Berry Schools.

Elsie A. Blood sends a check for $10 and informs Martha Berry that she sent clothes for the boys in Rome, Georgia a week prior.

Martha Berry writes this letter to Miss Jessie Ross to tell her to not let anyone from Rome, Georgia into the Sunshine Cottage unless they have written permission or are accompanied by office staff.

Miss Edith Wycoff is writing Miss Martha Berry in regards to a man who is interested in her work. The man's name is anonymous.



Berry chastises Wingo for allowing "the 'Y' girls" to entertain Dr. and Mrs. Furry at dinner. Berry reiterates her insistence that local people not have access to the schools: "I never want any Rome people - doctors, ministers or speakers - entertained at the schools. I often have an impromptu guest and I do not wish them to come in contact with local people."



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