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The letter's author begs Miss Berry's pardon for his being unable to visit on Founder's Day (due to his engagements at Court) and informs her that he will be present the coming Saturday (as a tag-along to Miss Josephine Wilkins, who is scheduled to talk to the students). He also suggests that he and she talk about setting up a Press at Berry, as it has been successfully pulled off by The University of North Carolina.

This is a letter from Retail Credit Company to Berry Schools regarding an order of 100 copies of "Inspection News." Stephens, the editor of Company Publications, explains what will be sent when the article comes off the press and the details of the postage permit.

This letter is to Miss Louise Manning Hodgkins from Miss Martha Berry. Berry apologizes for the delay in answer, attributing it to the holiday bustle. She sends Miss Hodgkins "The Sunday Lady" and "The Story of Berry Schools" for her to use to interest a woman in the work of the Schools.

Letter enclosing an article from the Rome paper about Henry Ford's donation of buildings to the Girls school and asking for an article to be written for the Atlanta paper. Apparently the is some controversy over assertions made in the Rome paper of Ford's contribution to endowment and/or contribution to Martha Berry's home place.

Mr. Stewart writes about edits and needed material for the next Southern Highlander which is about ready to go to print.

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