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In this letter Martha Berry asks Mr. Hamrick to mention the needs of the schools at all meetings of students and faculty from now on. She tells him that the back yards at Possum Trot were nasty and asks him to teach the students how to clean them. She also asks him to arrange the wood around Pilgrim Hall.

A letter from Martha Berry to Mrs. Proctor containing a receipt for $250.00 for the gift towards the building of Pilgrim Hall and the invitation to visit and see the building when it is completed.

In this letter Martha Berry asks Mrs. Philipp for one of her paintings for Pilgrim Hall.

Emily V. Hammond writes with details about donations, an address by Berry on WEAF radio, and an opportunity to speak at the Verdi Club concert.

Martha writes to Mrs. Hammond to thank her for the letter and booklet of the 7th pilgrimage and tells her that it is possible for her to speak at St. Bartholomew's.

Notice that a contribution from Mrs. Donald Brown that Hammond forwarded has been received and credited to the Pilgrim Hall fund.

The second page of donations given for Pilgrim Hall.

A list complied of all the donations received for Pilgrim Hall.

In this personal letter to Hammond, Berry discusses the progress at Pilgrim Hall and her honorary doctorate from the University of North Carolina. She states that she would love to have Mr. Cutting come visit the school, and asks her for her help in persuading him. She speaks of her hopes for a gift of at least $1 million from Mr. Ford, in place of one Mr. Ochs promised.

This document contains a list of donations for Pilgrim Hall.

Martha Berry writes to Emily Hammond thanking her for the check of $1000 to help the boys who lost their belongings in the fire. She also expresses gratitude for the donations to Pilgrim Hall and wishes Hammond a Happy New Year.

Emily Hammond sends $1000 to help those students who lost their belongings in a fire at the school. She also forwards some checks for Pilgrim Hall from Mrs. Augusta Pope and Mr. Henry Roth. She also urges Berry and Inez Henry to come to New York and speak to the Pilgrims.

Martha Berry sends a telegram to Emily Hammond to inform her that Inez Henry will be in New York in mid-January to provide details about Pilgrim Hall and can speak to the Pilgrims.

This is a list of work that needs to be done at Pilgrim Hall and the amount of money each job will cost. The total is also added up and included on the bottom of the sheet.

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