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Mrs. Smiley writes to congratulate Miss Berry on the success of her work and the Pictorial Review award. She also thanks Miss Berry for thinking of her with the lavender sachet. After reading The Southern Highlander she is ready to give thousands of dollars but cannot because her family is in debt.

Letter from Martha Berry to Mr. A. T. Vance, editor of the Pictorial Review, enclosing her photograph.

Stires, Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Long Island, declines to send a letter of support for Berry in her quest for the Pictorial Review award. He believes she is worthy of the award, but has already written in support of another candidate.

Miss Berry asks for a recommendation blank for the Pictorial Review Award.

Letter to Pennsylvania Governor Clifford Pinchot reminding him that their last meeting was in Washington, DC when President Coolidge presented them each with a Roosevelt Medal. Berry writes to ask if he will write a recommendation to the Pictorial Review Award Committee, stating that his endorsement will "mean a great deal" and that she is "anxious to win the award this year."

Adolph S. Ochs wires Martha Berry to congratulate her on winning the Pictorial Review Award.

Mr. Barlow sends his congratulations on Miss Berry winning the Pictorial Review Award.

Mr. Alston congratulates Miss Berry on winning the Pictorial Review prize.

Martha Berry writes to William McAdoo asking him to recommend Berry for the Pictorial Review Award. William McAdoo is a former Secretary of the Treasury.

Lucille writes to Martha to congratulate her on the Pictorial Review award and inquires if Martha would be her guest later in November.


Lucille La Verne writes to ask Miss Berry if she can give a performance of Sun Up in her honor and asks Miss Berry to be her guest at a luncheon and Lucille La Verne theater on November 20th.


Martha writes to Dr. Kirkland asking for his help with a recommendation blank for the Pictorial Review Award.

In this letter Eugene Holt congratulates Martha Berry on winning the Pictorial Review. She says that the Greensboro Daily news and the Charlotte Observer had very nice things to say about her.

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