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Adelle Ausley asks Martha Berry for an article that she read about her in the Pictorial Review, and asks for any other descriptive documents that help to describe her. She is making a collection of "Georgia stories" to be used in Georgia schools.

Letter to Martha Berry from C. E. Wartneau arranging for Miss Berry to attend a sales talk contest and to meet with Mr. Wartneau and a Mr. Scott at the Winecoff Hotel on January 25.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith write to congratulate Martha Berry for her Pictorial Review award and speak of their fondness for the Berry Industrial School - they were at the first graduation. They speak kindly of the Berry family and ask Miss Berry to mention them to Mr. and Mrs. I. J. Berry.

Mrs. Schriner writes to donate to the Berry Schools and to congratulate Miss Berry on the Pictorial Review award.

Mrs. Reilly writes to tell Miss Berry that she learned of the schools from the Literary Digest and would like to be a part of the work.

Mrs Ralph Harris questioning to see if Miss Berry is the great aunt of Mrs Harris's daughter.

A letter from the New Orleans Chapter of the DAR congratulating Miss Martha Berry for achieving the five thousand dollar award in the Pictorial Review for 1929.


Mrs. S. D. Cross writes to Miss Berry congratulating her after reading about the Berry Schools' work in the Pictorial Review. She also asks Miss Berry about her ancestry because she believes they are related.

Reading the story of the Berry Schools in the Pictorial Review reminded Belsher of notations in the minutes of her DAR chapter of donations made by them to Berry from around 1910-1912. Belsher cannot offer a monetary contribution but wonders if there would be a use for the scrapbooks she makes in her spare time. Written on the letterhead of the Macon County, Missouri, County Circuit Court.

Martha Berry writes to request that Mount Holyoke College President Mary Woolley endorse her for the Pictorial Review Achievement Award.

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