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Martha Berry writes to Mrs. Kelley reflecting on their visits together. She apologizes for not having written sooner for she has been busy and not feeling well.



Ruth writes to Martha recalling with pleasure meeting Martha in Paris and delighted at seeing her here.

Martha Berry writes that she enjoyed meeting Mrs. Gates in Paris, and would like to meet and talk with her in New York in November.

Martha Berry lets Mr. Cutting know they were in Europe at the same time and hopes to see him soon.

A letter from Lans Interior Decorations and Antiques to Martha Berry. The letter is confirming that they received a letter from Mrs. Campbell about damage.

Sara Woodruff asks for the address of Martha Berry's former secretary. She is planning on studying in Paris and would like to get in touch with someone who knows the area.

A copy of "Americans Abroad," Donald Harper's address to the University of Georgia Alumni Association.

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