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Evelyn Hoge thanks Martha Berry for allowing her and Paul to visit the Berry Schools. She goes on to express her happiness in being still considered one of her girls. She also talks about her husband's great appreciation for finally meeting Martha Berry, and how so many people envy this opportunity.

Everett Stewart writes to The Berry Schools to commend their work on The Southern Highlander, saying he particularly enjoyed this issue because he was recovering from an operation and had the time to read it but also because he enjoyed the pieces on the new couples, Oak Hill, and Mr. Keown. He says that he receives quite a few similar publications but none are as persuasive, attractive and beautiful as The Southern Highlander.

Photograph of Oak Hill, Rome, Georgia.


Letter enclosing an article from the Rome paper about Henry Ford's donation of buildings to the Girls school and asking for an article to be written for the Atlanta paper. Apparently the is some controversy over assertions made in the Rome paper of Ford's contribution to endowment and/or contribution to Martha Berry's home place.

Martha Berry hopes that Mrs. Martin will visit the Berry schools when the Garden Club comes to Atlanta. She is sure that the club will love to see the gardens at Oak Hill.

Miss Berry encloses a letter from Miss Earnhart about the plans for the interior work at Oak Hill and Emily Cottage. Miss Berry would like to keep the plans until she has time to look at them but Miss Earnhart wants them back so Miss Berry asks Mrs. Carlisle's opinion on what she should do.

Eagan thanks Berry for a recent visit to Oak Hill and sends news of family members.

Martha Berry explains to Mr. Campbell that she has deeded "Oakhill" to the Berry Schools. She also thanks him for his letter to Mr. McGill about the one million dollar endowment.


This is a list of drawings given to Mr. Russell regarding building and garden plans around the Berry Schools and Oak Hill.

Martha Berry explains to Mr. Cridland that he should write to her when he is coming to visit. She also asks about landscaping for Oak Hill.


Martha Berry explains to Mr. Cridland that he was supposed to send designs for the bird baths and benches in the garden.


Martha Berry expresses to Mr. Cridland her disappointment in the landscaping work that has been done at her old home.


Undated and unattributed itemization of insurance costs for the dairy, gym, railroad station, and Oak Hill.

A personal letter from Martha Berry to Kate Macy Ladd, expressing sadness about her mother's death and telling of the difficulties ahead in settling her estate. Berry provides a moving description of how much the students appreciated the Christmas candy Ladd sent, and describes the scene in Memorial Library, which was funded by Ladd.

Martha Berry shares the loss of her mother with Mrs. King and expresses her desire for Paul and Lula King to come to Berry.

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