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Martha Berry thanks Emily Vanderbilt Hammond for the recent visit of the Pilgrims to campus, describing the inspiration she and the students took from the visitors. Berry wishes Hammond could have accompanied her on a visit to the "homes on the mountainside" and writes of planning her own pilgrimage there. Berry describes a visit to the little cabin -- "the home of all my dreams and loving prayers for the Berry Schools."

Mrs. Hammond sends Martha Berry a list of the year's pilgrims as well as where they will be staying and their travel arrangements.

Emily Hammond sends Martha Berry a letter about a $2,500 donation made by her uncle, Henry T. Sloane. Mrs. Hammond also discusses a $10 check written by Mrs. Sturgis and a check from Mrs. Cosgrove that will be sent to Martha Berry. Lastly, Mrs. Hammond tells Martha Berry that 20 people are interested in the Pilgrimage on April 15th and that she will do her best to accompany them.

This is a letter from Martha Berry to a Mrs. Adelaide McAlpin Pyle. Miss Berry is sending her regards and reasoning for not being able to visit Mrs. Pyle.

Provides a detailed description of activities including bringing a warm coat for open motors and a reminder they will be required to write a short account of their impression of the schools.

Berry apologizes that Pennybacker did not receive the literature sent to her train and will send packages to her in Austin and at the Hotel Belmont in New York. Berry recalls the "wonderful talk" Pennybacker gave to the Shorter College girls during the 1928 visit of the Pilgrims.

Mrs. Schieffelin donates $2500 in memory of Louise Vanderbilt Schieffelin Hewitt.

A list of New York Pilgrim Visitors, their room assignments on campus, and their home addresses.

In this letter Martha Berry is thanking Miss Edith V. Holdstock for her donation of ten dollars. She also expresses her sadness that Miss Holdstock will not be able to come back and attend commencement.

A list of the names of the New York pilgrims visiting the Berry Schools in 1924, as well as their addresses, which reveal that at least 5 pilgrims were not actually from New York.

A list of where each New York Pilgrim will be staying and in what room and cottage.

Document lists currency and all checks received from the 1927 Silver Roll New York Pilgrims totaling $4,174. Handwritten notes state that all gifts were updated on the donor cards and that the donors were acknowledged.

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