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Mrs. Pennybacker writes to tell that Miss Gertrude K. White is who she nominates to hold the Mrs. Percy V. Pennybacker Scholarship.

Letter from Martha Berry to Mrs. Percy V. Pennybacker letting her know Inez can not attend Chautauqua but that she has offered the scholarship to Miss Gertie White who graduated from the junior college the previous year.

Mrs. Pennybacker writes to Martha about her arrival for the oepning of The Scholarship dormitory.

Letter from Anna J. H. Pennybacker to Miss Martha Berry regarding the beneficiary of the Mrs. Percy V. Pennybacker Scholarship.

Miss Berry writes that she is delighted that Mrs. Pennybacker is thinking of giving another scholarship to someone at Berry, and she will give her the name of the beneficiary later. Miss Berry also writes of the "usual busy time" that they are having of people coming by to visit Berry.

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