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Berry feels that her health is improved after a rest cure at Carlsbad, and very much wants to speak at St. Bartholomew. She will be glad to give a radio speech at any time convenient to Hammond. Inez has been ill and away from work for three months, so Berry will need to find a girl who can accompany her to New York. She hopes that Kate Macy Ladd will donate an industrial building in memory of V. Everit Macy.

Madeline McCue, one of Kate May Ladd's nurses, writes to Miss Berry, thanking her for sending her the paper cutter for Christmas. She also tells Miss Berry that Mrs. Ladd was able to sit in her chair for the first time in 8 years and had a wonderful Christmas with Mr. Ladd. She also expresses her sympathy that Roanie died, and explained that she read about it in one of the Georgia newspapers.

Emily V. Hammond writes to Martha Berry to tell her about a large event she had to raise money for the Berry Schools. Dr. Leonard spoke at the event and they read a letter from Berry. They have pledges for $37,775 to go toward building Pilgrim Hall.

Martha writes to Miss Vaughn that about 800 boxes of candy will take care of all the students over the Christmas Holidays.

An invitation to visit the schools while Mr. Macy is nearby in South Carolina. Miss Berry also speaks of how comfortable Mr. Macy could be in the guest house and about how much she enjoys living on campus and listening to the girls sing in the morning. She also speaks of their mutual friend Mrs. Ladd "with her love for all things beautiful, and for Berry."

Martha writes to express her appreciation for the library and to update her on life at the Berry Schools. She speaks of living in a small log cabin on campus and loving watching the girls come and go. She also speaks of maybe installing a radio into Lemley.

Martha Berry writes that she was delighted to receive a letter in Ladd's own handwriting and that she imagines Ladd's beautiful smile. Berry thanks Ladd for her friendship and contributions. She speaks of the library that they donated and boxes of candy that they sent to the students who in return sent them to their younger siblings. She wishes recovery and good health for Mr. Ladd.

Mr. Harold Richards informed Miss Berry of his mother's death. He also informs her of the book order his mother was working on and gave an update.

Mrs. Walter G. Ladd sends $200, sent in by Mrs. Hammond for the Mrs. Waldo Pratt Richards endowed day.

Martha Berry writes to Mrs. Ladd to thank her for the Christmas candy she sent, and tells her how happy it makes the students. She informs Mrs. Ladd that Christmas was sad as her mother broke her hip and then passed away in December. She says that the end was peaceful, however, and that the whole family was together. She explains that she thought about telegraphing Mrs. Ladd because she needed sympathy but since Mrs. Ladd was unwell, Miss Berry decided to wait to write.

Gertrude M. Richards encloses a check from Mr. Clarence W. Barron and recounts fond memories of her visit with Martha Berry at Mrs. Hammond's.

Martha writes to Mrs. Ladd sorry to hear about Mr. Ladd and his fall. She then gives an update on her own mother and how she is doing, as well as how the library building is doing in construction.

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