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Letter from Martha Berry thanking Mrs. Norman for gift (given through Mrs. Hammond) . Gift will provide work to allow students to earn their tuition. Miss Berry describes what students are doign and wearing.

Martha Berry thanks Mrs White for her $150 gift that will be used for a scholarship. She writes about Ophelia a pretty girl from Possum Trot that wants to attend Berry.

Mr Bierwirth thanks Martha Berry for her letter advising him about a dinner to be held by Mrs Hammond. Hwill however be unable to attend. He congratulates Martha Berry on her recient award which may have a part in a new permanent building at Berry

Martha Berry writes that she has been informed about Mrs. Marquand's death, and tells about what a dear friend she was personally and to the schools.

Martha Berry thanks Mr. Hammond for his $150 scholarship gift for the girl who wrote the article "A Day in the Mountains with Miss Berry" for the Southern Highlander, but informs him that she works in Miss Berry's office so she'd like to give it to some girl or boy with his permission. She discusses the Hammond's upcoming visit to Berry with the New York Pilgrims.

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