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In this letter Martha Berry asks Henry Ford for his opinion about some land they want to buy for the Armuchee water project. She says that the land has never been under $20,000 but is now available for $10,000.

Everett Stewart writes to The Berry Schools to commend their work on The Southern Highlander, saying he particularly enjoyed this issue because he was recovering from an operation and had the time to read it but also because he enjoyed the pieces on the new couples, Oak Hill, and Mr. Keown. He says that he receives quite a few similar publications but none are as persuasive, attractive and beautiful as The Southern Highlander.

Miss Berry suggests to Miss Neal that she should write a letter to Mr. Keown. She believes this will encourage him to raise money for Judge Wright Day.

Martha Berry writes to E. H. Hoge telling him that she authorizes him to pay for property around Hammond's Hill that may be purchased for the need of water power development according to Mr. Keown's judgement.

Letter from Martha Berry to Mrs. F.M. Inman informing her that she will not be able to attend a meeting.

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