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Mr. Orr thanks Mr. Green for the copy of the commencement program, but regrets to say that it is impossible for him to come.

W. F. Caldwell writes to Martha Berry to inquire after an article and photograph of a horse which he has yet to receive. He was counting on using them and wonders why, after she mentioned them in her previous letter, that he has yet to receive them.
He is sorry that Mr. Green did not follow procedure, causing the article and photograph to not be received.

Martha Berry writes about the money raised for the endowment at an event organized by Mrs. Hammond. Martha Berry asks him to write Mrs Hammond, if necessary, for the donor's addresses. She apologizes because she knows Mr. Green needs running expenses but this money has to go to the Endowment fund. She also asks Mr. Green not to move into the new building until she returns.

William Arthur Lee writes to Martha Berry to apologize for being unable to attend the twenty-fifth anniversary of the school, explaining that there was an issue with the mail that resulted in Martha's original letter arriving too late for him to be able to make plans to attend. He wishes the school well and asks Martha to mention him to Mr. Green.

In this letter Martha Berry tells Herbert Stockwell that Mr. Green, the principal, will tell him why Mr. Gurley was asked to leave Berry. She also tells him that the students who left because Mr. Gurley was asked to leave are not doing well and that they will be allowed to return if they want.

Miss Berry writes to Leila Carlisle about a situation concerning Mr. Gurley, who was leaving Berry and the boys involved in the situation.

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