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An editorial from the Atlanta Constitution that discuss Henry Ford's gift to the Berry Schools. The editorial writers point out that Ford Buildings will actually increase school expenses so that Berry's supporters must continue to aid the schools.

In this letter Miss Berry explains that the loss of the building to the fire, and that it cannot be immediately replaced due to the needs in the other three school buildings.

In this letter to Martha Berry, Lucy Bliss writes of a money order she has sent, along with some clothes and material for the girls to use. She also inquires after Martha Berry's health and observes that Mr. Ford is working on a few new schools.

Mr. Alston writes to Martha concerning how Berry can spin the publicity that the school has received from Mr. Ford's gift to the school. He insists that the benefactions should be minimized of course, and the point out that the buildings do not add anything to the income.

E G Liebold, General Secretary to Henry Ford, replies to Miss Martha Berry about a car she had requested. New improvements are forthcoming and Mr. Ford wishes to wait to incorporate these in the car.


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