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Miss Neal sends Miss Berry a night letter informing her that she will be able to join her at Mohonk.

Miss Berry informs Miss Neal on her sister's current state of condition since an automobile accident greatly injured her. She also informs Miss Neal that she will be unable to attend an event at Mohonk Lake, but hopes the two will be able to reschedule.

Miss Berry informs Miss Neal about an automobile accident her sister, Mrs. Wright, had when one of the school boys was driving her and the car turned over and asks again if Miss Neal could join her at Lake Mohonk. She describes the hot weather and having made several trips to the mountains.

Miss Berry has invited Miss Neal to an event at Mohank Lake in August, and has sent Miss Neal a clipping about Marion Berry's wedding. Berry notes that Tom Berry, Virginia Campbell and the Bonnyman's attended and said it was the most wonderful wedding they ever attended.

A report, possibly by Inez Wooten Henry, of a fundraising visit to the Lake Mohonk summer resort area near New Paltz, New York. The report includes information about conversations with donors and potential donors, as well as a section titled "Criticisms of Sunshine Goods," which provides comments about handicraft items available for sale. The report mentions particular fundraising activities on Berry's behalf, including a "Negro Minstrel" and a "Negro Dialect" program offered by Tifton native Katherine Tift Jones.

Martha Berry lets Miss Hatfield know that she will be sending her some literature and hopes she will put it out for guests to pick up. Miss Berry also lets Miss Hatfield know that she would like to come visit and give a talk about Berry and show some things made by the students.

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