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Philip Harrison Steinmetz replies to a request for his address and clarifies his permanent address.

In this letter Alice Logan Wingo tells Miss Bonner thath Mrs. Phifer wants "pretty pictures," giving examples of the view crossing the lake to the Foundation School and photographs that were in the "brown section" of the Constitution.

A note informs Miss Bonner of new material sent to the library.

Mr. Alston includes a letter that he wrote to Mr. Goodwin explaining more about The Berry Schools and the publicity situation. He asks Miss Berry to read it over and call him on Monday.

Letter from E.H. Hoge to Miss Bonner informing her that Mr. J. Horace Harding has died and to remove him from the mailing list.

Mrs. Meyers asks if Miss Berry would be available to speak at the Women's Club of Princeton. The date is not set yet, but Mrs. Meyers could let her know within a few days.

Architect Harry J. Carlson encloses clippings, explaining that he is sending them to Martha Berry instead of Miss Bonner because he understands that she is ill.

Louise writes to Miss Bonner about a possible to trip to Altanta for Martha, who may be too weak to travel. She also informs her that they can postpone the Berry meeting and there is no need to send Inez.

Mr. Hoge writes to Miss Bonner asking if she will examine the books the Schools just received.

Inez writes from a visit to her 'Papa', sharing that she hopes to return to work soon.

Note from Martha Berry to Miss Bonner concerning a black satin dress lined with tan fur and tulle around the neck. Wants the dress sent to Virginia Fuller to fix. Written on the reverse of Battle Creek Sanatorium stationery.

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