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Mr. Carlson sends Miss Bonner a list of people that have donated money to a Newton charity.

Martin, of The Printing House of Townley, Webb & Martin, Inc., writes Miss Bessie Bonner to inform her that they will be sending a proof of a leaflet, and that they will have no trouble delivering 20,000 leaflets later in the month.

Jessie asks Miss Bonner to find out whether to take a rug order from the Women's Exchange in Decatur, Georgia. Bonner's reply, typed onto Jessie's original letter, is that Miss Berry does not wish to make them a rug.

Receipt stating that Liggett School sent three boxes of clothing and books.

Mr. Hoge writes to Miss Bonner asking if she will examine the books the Schools just received.

In this letter C.E. Martin of the Ruralist Press INC asks Miss Bonner for a log cabin fold out to print.

Letter describes designs for folders that require Bessie Bonner's approval.

Letter to Bessie Bonner from Chester E. Martin, of Ruralist Press Inc., informing her that they are mailing a "dummy" copy of the Highlander for her approval. They inform her that it is short of material and that the headings for the article will all be reset and displayed properly. They also inform Miss Bonner that they will need a few fillers for the issue.

Letter to Miss Bonner about the arrangement of "The Sunday Lady" booklet. The letter accompanied a dummy example of the booklet for Miss Bonner to review and return with any changes.

Martha Berry asks Miss Bonner to send a receipt for the enclosed check from Miss Potter. She suggests that Miss Bonner go to Asheville for a few days, and instructs her to "tell Mama to take nurse & go to Mentone".

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