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Martha Berry writes to thank V. Everit Macy for a gift for Pilgrim Hall and describes the beginning of construction of the residence hall. She writes tenderly of his wife Edith Carpenter Macy, of the library given in her memory, and of her own waning strength.

Martha Berry tells Ladd about the visit by the Pilgrims and the gift commitments they made. Berry says that the boys are delighted with the photograph Ladd sent of herself for Lemley Hall, but that she is jealous and wants one for herself.

Martha Berry learns that Mrs. Ladd is sending Miss Vaughn and Miss Firlotte to Berry and expresses her happiness. Berry reminisces about Ladd's visit to Berry with Miss Lemley, speaking of how close she feels to Ladd and wishing that Ladd might someday be well enough to visit again.

Erwin A. Holt writes to Miss Edith Johnson, librarian of Berry's Memorial Library, about his donation of some copies of Reverend Shoemaker's book "The Religion That Works". He also says that he has sent an article from the Charlotte Observer that featured Miss Berry and requests folders relative to Miss Berry from Edith Johnson.

Martha writes to express her appreciation for the library and to update her on life at the Berry Schools. She speaks of living in a small log cabin on campus and loving watching the girls come and go. She also speaks of maybe installing a radio into Lemley.

Berry reports on her European trip, her stay at Carlsbad, and the Edith Macy Memorial Library. She reminisces about happy days with Ladd and expresses confidence that Ladd and her husband will return to good health.

A personal letter from Martha Berry to Kate Macy Ladd, expressing sadness about her mother's death and telling of the difficulties ahead in settling her estate. Berry provides a moving description of how much the students appreciated the Christmas candy Ladd sent, and describes the scene in Memorial Library, which was funded by Ladd.

Martha Berry thanks Ladd for her recent correspondence. She confides to Ladd that she misses her mother, but is thankful that she passed away with little suffering. She thanks the Ladds for endowing Memorial Library, and expresses hope for their improved health.

Berry describes the 25th anniversary celebration for the Berry Schools. She hopes to see Ladd when she visits New York and asks that Ladd mark her letters "personal" so that she will have the joy of opening them herself.

Wingo asks Berry to approve her letter of appreciation for the library and, if approved, have Miss Bonner type it. Wingo reports that she is improving and notes that she will have Edith Wyate write about working in the library to earn her tuition.

Wingo suggests a bas relief bust of Edith Macy for Memorial Library and reports on several encounters with benefactors of the school she has met recently. She is improving but will stay at the Madison Rural Sanitarium for three months to build her strength.

Martha Berry's very personal letter to Kate Macy Ladd includes references to Ladd's husband, Walter Graeme Ladd, and her nurse-companion, Alice Lemley, as well as to Berry's mother and childhood nurse.

Berry is sending the Ladds a list of books the librarian recommends adding to the library.

Letter expresses desire to have someone help interest Mrs. Harkness in the Berry Schools. It also thanks Mr. and Mrs. Macy for their friendship and updates them on the progress of the library.

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