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Martha Berry mentions her summer vacation in Europe and the Berry School's lack of funding to meet teachers' salaries. As a solution, Berry claims she will travel the country giving lectures and then invites Mr. and Mrs. J.R. McWane to visit the Berry School.

Mr McWane thanks Mr Ford for helping the Berry Schools

McWane says he will see Mister Towers on Friday and will leave for New York on Saturday.

Miss Berry tells Mr. McWane that the date of the Trustees' Meeting changed from May 1st to April 30th because many of the members could not attend the later date.

J.R. McWane notifies Berry of his intention to attend the Berry School's graduation ceremony on May 1, and to attend a Board of Trustees meeting on the same day.

Letter to Martha Berry from J. R. McWane, President of McWane Cast Iron Pipe Co., informing her that he has been sick and away from the office and therefore unable to answer her letter earlier. He informs her that if she informs him of the next trustee's meeting he will try to drive over. He confesses that business complications have forced him to be away for the meetings of the last few years. However, he does reassure her that he does have sympathy towards her wonderful work and sends her his best wishes.

Mrs. McWane asks Martha Berry if she could buy a white feather fan that she believed was made at the schools. She also talks about how much she and her husband enjoyed meeting her at Tate Springs. In a subsequent letter, Martha Berry sends Mrs. McWane the fan and explains her enjoyment at hearing about their seven month old son.



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