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Martha Berry expresses her sympathy at the breaking up of Miss Hopkins' home after Mrs. Emery's death and requests that Miss Hopkins try to keep Mr. Livinggood's interest in Berry.

Hopkins writes that although she supports the work of the school, she is unable to make a scholarship contribution because of uncertain financial circumstances.

Letter to Mr. D.B. Meacham from Martha Berry concerning Mrs. Emery's will, a request for a list of people contributing to charitable organizations and Martha Berry encourages him and his wife to come for a visit to the schools.

Meacham encloses a copy of Mrs. Emery's will, which includes a bequest to the Thos. J. Emery Memorial. Meacham suggests that Berry send literature to some "prominent men" but cautions that she not reveal that he gave her their names.

Hills requests two copies of the Sunday Lady pamphlet that she saw at Chautauqua.

Miss Berry is thanking Mrs. Emery for her generous gift of $500 for a new dormitory. She explains how she is collecting the brightest boys and girls for the school.

Gift of $500 from Mrs. Emery towards rebuilding boys' dormitory destroyed by fire.

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