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Martha Berry writes about Mr Holt's inspiring letters and the color pictures he sent. She writes that she is still wearing black glasses through which she "sees the world darkly". She treasures the lifelike picture of Mrs Holt. She writes that the copies of "The Southern Churchman" have arrived and been passed around; she has enjoyed its sermon by Dr Shoemaker. Martha Berry thanks Mr Holt for his large check which made Mr Hoge smile and enabled him to pay the summer workers. She writes about sitting on the back porch of her home talking with "Aunt Martha" who encourages her to pray more and get her rest.

A list that gives a brief description of each of the New York Pilgrims. The information came from Mrs. Hammond's letter to Martha Berry.

Berry writes to Cridland to let him know she does not like his plans for the Oak HIll garden, as they require demolition of Martha Freeman's house, which Berry says must be preserved because it "adds to the tradition and history of the place."


Robert Cridland lets Martha Berry know his future plans for Martha Freeman's house.


Berry writes to Carlisle about her upcoming visit to the Berry Schools, the suffering of the Berry Schools from the "Ford boom", and Berry's upcoming visit to New York.

Mr. Carlson answers a letter Miss Berry wrote about the peeling walls in her hallway and tells her the solution is to buy new material from the manufacturers. He also notes that he saw portraits for Berry and Martha Freeman at the Copley Gallery.

Painter Margaret Fitzhugh Browne provides Martha Berry with details about exhibitions of Browne's work in Atlanta and New York that included her portraits of Berry and Martha Freeman.

Painter Margaret Fitzhugh Browne asks to include her portraits of Martha Berry and Martha Freeman in an exhibition of her work at the High Museum in Atlanta.

Martha Berry reports on a trip to Mentone and hopes to be able to see the Bonnyman family soon.

Martha Berry writes to her sister Frances of all of her upcoming commitments, including two weddings and Commencement. If it is convenient, she plans to visit Frances as soon after Commencement as she can.

In this letter Martha Berry thanks Miss Nicholoy for her sympathy letter regarding the passing of her mother.

Jessie Powers writes to Martha Berry to let her know that she's been ill and will not be able to pay off her pledge before the 25th Anniversary.

Letter thanking Reed for his mother's donation to celebration Martha's "Silver Wedding" at the Berry schools. Berry mentions missing spending time with Mrs. Little and Mrs. Crozer. Martha mentions that she is alone at home now except for her "old 'black mammy.'"

A personal letter from Martha Berry to Kate Macy Ladd, expressing sadness about her mother's death and telling of the difficulties ahead in settling her estate. Berry provides a moving description of how much the students appreciated the Christmas candy Ladd sent, and describes the scene in Memorial Library, which was funded by Ladd.

Martha Berry thanks Ladd for her recent correspondence. She confides to Ladd that she misses her mother, but is thankful that she passed away with little suffering. She thanks the Ladds for endowing Memorial Library, and expresses hope for their improved health.

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