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Berry writes that the toys from the Langzettel School will be appreciated and will add to planned Christmas celebrations in nearby communities.

Griswold asks if Miss Berry wants the toys from the children at the Langzettel School sent this year because they won't arrive before Christmas.

On behalf of Mrs. Langzettel, Griswold inquires about whether Berry wishes to again have toys from the Froebel League children.

Martha Berry tells Griswold that she got her letter about the Froebel League sending Christmas toys to the mountain children at Berry and that she would gratefully accept them.


Martha Berry writes to Mrs. Langzetter thanking her for sending the cards and toys. Her gifts were given to the children in the mountains for Christmas.

Griswold inquires on behalf of Mrs. Langzettel and the Froebel League whether Martha Berry wishes for them to send toys from their children again.

Marguerite tells Mrs. Hammond that she will use Mrs. Rodgers' account of the Pilgrimage to Berry for the forward. Also, Marguerite recommends that Mrs. Hammond propose Martha Berry for the Pictorial Review Award for 1926.


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