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Berry asks Hammond to write to say that although she appreciates the interest Mrs. Tener has taken, she should not approach the Fords in any way, as Mr. Hoge and Mr. Keown agree that all requests should come from Berry. Ground has been broken for the Mothers' Building. Although they lack sufficient funds to finish the building, Berry hopes it will "come out all right".

Berry tells Carlson that she has let Margaret French Cresson know that she lacks funds and time to continue with the portrait bust. She will work on getting a lower price for marble since Mrs. Inman has said they could not afford marble columns.

Stokes encloses a donation, regretting that she did not know that Louise Reese Inman and Agnes Hamrick were in Augusta with the Berry exhibition.

Thank you for generous kindness and hospitality to Miss Hamrick and Mrs. Inman.

Letter requesting development a leaflet summarizing Martha Berry's accomplishments to use in conjunction with her expected visit to Hot Springs.

Berry writes Inman about the possibility of Margaret Fitzhugh Brown using a previously done miniature as the basis for a portrait of Berry, since the miniature was "made at a time when I looked like I would have the schools remember me."

letter to Mrs. Frank Inman from Martha Berry concerning the idea of the Mothers' Building and the donations needed to build it. She informs Mrs. Inman that they need the Mothers' Building in order to house the increasing number of girls that wish to attend the Berry Schools and to reduce the crowding that was already present in the girls dormitories. Miss Berry asks if Mrs. Inman can write Miss Neal and Mr. Beck to help with the building because she believes it is a beautiful idea. She also informs Mrs. Inman that she wishes her to come to the schools as often as she can for a visit.

Martha Berry writes that she will try to impress on Mrs. Inman that "the building" must be fireproof. She asks Carlson to confirm his commission on the chapel, referring to a lower commission on previous projects.

Browne confirms her travel plans to come to paint Martha Berry's portrait and asks for a description of the portrait's planned location.

Browne discusses how she wishes to approach painting Martha Berry's portrait, working partially from a miniature of Berry painted ten years ago, but primarily from life. She tells Berry she would be able to erase "the traces of the past ten years" in the new portrait if Berry wishes, but thinks that an accurate representation of her face would be more interesting and compelling to potential donors.

Inez reports on plans for an exhibit, attending a Kiwanis Club meeting, and mining for the names of wealthy residents of Thomasville. She hopes that someone will go to Sunday School at Possum Trot; she feels that if she can get better acquainted witht the people she can get stories from them that will help the school.

Van Dyke writes about a proposed meeting of Berry and Charles Gos of Switzerland. Van Dyke had written earlier to try to arrange the meeting, with encouragement from Louise Reese Inman. She also chastises the school for referring to her as "Mrs." when "like yourself I have preferred to remain Miss."

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