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This is a letter asking Mrs. St. John to finish making the thin white summer dresses for Martha and Virginia. Miss Berry also says she is sending a little girl from Lookout Mountain to the sewing room and asks Mrs. St. John to make her a white dress to wear to the children's commencement.

Letter advises Mr. Wille Jr. about some land to purchase for farming purposes.

Wishing she could be with her, Martha Berry updates Ladd on what is going on both for her as well as for Berry.

Letter thanking Miss Munger for her gift. Martha Berry explains about the Mountain Children that wish to come to school at Berry.


Martha Berry is delighted and much encouraged to receive a check from Mrs. Crosby. She indicates she has just returned from a trip to Lookout Mountain where she found a most beautiful girl in a cabin about fifteen miles from civilization. She notes she is one of a family of eight. She told her about the Berry Schools, and she seems eager for her chance. She describes her as beautiful as a wild flower, so delicate. Martha Berry also met a young boy who is anxious to come to Berry. He told her he had read the Berry Catalog until he had almost worn it out. She states these trips refresh her. soul.

Martha writes to Mrs Crane to thank her for the gift that was sent to the Berry school. Martha writes about a girl she met on her recent trip to Lookout Mountain and hopes to have her at Berry soon as well.

Berry reminds Blake of his promise to buy back from her the Lookout Mountain property she purchased from him.

Martha Berry informs Mr. Lowery that she is purchasing 80 acres of land on Lookout Mountain and that she will take up the deed as soon as he receives it.

Miss Berry thanks Miss Liggett for the boxes of Christmas presents she sent to Berry and describes where all of the presents went. She also describes the Berry Schools' Christmas which was "the most wonderful Christmas [she] had ever experienced." She writes that she though of the Liggett's when the Christmas boxes where being opened and tells her to thanks the rest of her family.

Berry responds to a letter from Ford with details about the weather, visitors to the school who admired the Ford Buildings, taking dolls to mountain children, and Martha Freeman's health. Berry requests a painting of Henry Ford for the dining room.

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